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Daneshvar-ShimiGeneral Laboratory Equipment


Food & Feed Lab

Daneshvar-Shimi3Laboratory Microscope & Optics

Daneshvar-Shimi4Botany & Agriculture Lab

Daneshvar-Shimi21Water & Waste Water Lab

Daneshvar-Shimi20Hydrology & Meteorology

Daneshvar-Shimi13Analytical & Researches Equipment

Daneshvar-Shimi7Petroleum & Gas Lab Equipment

Daneshvar-Shimi14Polymer & Rubber & Plastics Lab

Daneshvar-Shimi18Farmacy & Druges laboratory Equipment

Daneshvar-Shimi17Genetic & Biotechnology & PCR Lab

Daneshvar-Shimi16Color & Resin Laboratory Instrument

Daneshvar-Shimi22Pack Testing Laboratory Equipment

Daneshvar-Shimi19Laboratory Chemicals -Merck & Sigma

Daneshvar-Shimi19Lab Consumables & Glass ware

Daneshvar Chemi - Laboratory Equipment Distributor & Supplier

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Daneshvar Chemi Poroducts

The biggest Laboratory Equipment & Quality Control systems and Researches Instrument In IRAN